Saturday, 24 October 2009


We were doing more model making today with letters, but it was to be in the style of Javier Mariscal and I got given the letter J. We had to make a uppercase and a lowercase letter.

My uppercase J with Martins o

My lowercase j

Almost the alphabet!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009



in class today, we had to produce a 3D letter and i picked "t"!

Proud moment with my "t"!

Recylcing "t" to make "f".

BBC Ident

This is my first digital media assignment outcome. We did this on photoshop after 2 classes on it and at times I thought I was going to lose the will to live with the thing! But I got there in the end and am pretty pleased with what I produced.

First blog post...

This is my first blog post, and also my first blog so not sure where to start.
Probably best at the beginning...
These are a few of my pieces before I started uni :

This was one of my deterioration developments. I really liked this idea and wish i could have taken it further if I'd had the time!

This is my final piece for my expressive unit. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and enjoyed doing it, normally I'd get bored but I loved this idea! When I started the final thing, I wasn't completely sure how it was going to end up but I'm really pleased with the overall thing.

After looking through my portfolio it made me think how much I've missed portraiture and really want to get back into it!